You are currently viewing Damien and Pauline (Married at first sight) at the heart of a huge scandal!

Damien and Pauline (Married at first sight) at the heart of a huge scandal!

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It is obvious that without Married at first sightDamien and Pauline could not have meet and fall in love. Unfortunately, everything will fall apart!

A wave of panic for this Married at first sight duo!

Oh, those pictures… The least we can sayis that the team of Mom did it succeeded in moving the whole of France. Anyway, Cupid got it right.

During this ceremony of Married at first sight, nothing goes as planned. We quickly realize that these two are made for each other.

In the columns of our friends from TV MagazineDamien (Married at first sight) underlines this paradox. There are links between the two families. With Pauline, we had never noticed each other, but we know that we had already crossed paths at many times.

For instance, the day she bought her BMW, she went to her dealership. Except that, ironically, it was another seller who took care of his file.

As for his mother-in-law, the young nurse had also seen her when she came to treat the patients who live in her street.

A hectic daily life

Just back from vacation Damien and Pauline (Married at first sight) can no longer consider having two apartments. That is why, during the reunionthey announce to the experts that they have invested in a magnificent property.

At least they unlike Stéphanie and Hervé le Picard of Love is in the meadow, did not ask Stéphane Plaza for help! From the technical team of Married at first sight to their friends, everyone is invited to the housewarming party.

Ah yes, it’s true, it was mom who made it who would have liked to turn into a little mouse to attend the event.

Unfortunately, in the middle of august, Pauline needs a break. Not with her lover Damien, whom she cherishes more than anything. In contrast, managing your image on social networks ends up exhausting him.

Especially since behind the scenes, the participants of Married at first sight are living a waking nightmare. After two miscarriages, she wants take time to pick up the pieces of his broken soul.

Aware that many beautiful things will happenshe knows that the stork will soon give them this precious gift from heaven. We wish them all the happiness in the world !

And then, for lovers of Married at first sight, it’s the drama!

One month after this announcementDamien and Pauline take off for sunny mexico. Nothing like a mariachi tune to make them smile. Alas, fate seems to be on the duo of Married at First Sight.
Damien and Pauline Married at first sight

We remember that during the filming of Married at First Sightthey had a car breakdown forcing them to postpone (a little) the festivities. Cherry on the cakeon their return from Gilbratar, they missed the match who was to take them to Switzerland. At the time, this succession of unforeseen events made them smile.

But the recent mishap that That’s who mom made it will tell you, they will never forget it! As they stroll downtownthe police cordon off the Centro district.

Firstly, they are prevented from leaving the store. Then, they are advised not to approach the shop windows. Despite the street barrierit does not take more to foresee a catastrophe.

Not far from here, counterfeiters try to rob a bar with *rm*s. Fortunately, accustomed to this kind of adventure, the police control the situation like leaders.

Married at first sight

traumatized until their last breathour tourist couple no longer feels safe. As soon as they return to the hotelthe lovebirds of Thunderbolt decide to shorten their stay. What a pity !