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Daily, first part of October 7, 2022 – Daily | TMC

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On the program of the Daily replay, first part of October 7, 2022: in his 7:30 p.m. Media, Julien Bellver takes stock of the presidential election in Brazil: mega stars invite themselves during the campaign between the two rounds to call to vote for their candidate. Bolsonaro and Lula are neck and neck even if the former left-wing president remains the favorite. A North Korean missile flew over Japan on Tuesday, October 4. The Japanese authorities quickly condemned this provocation. Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader takes a dim view of the military alliance between South Korea and the United States. In ten days, he sent nearly 6 missiles, including several during the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris to Seoul. On the side of the United Kingdom, the situation is quite tense for the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, whose tax plan has led to an economic crash. Tensions are taking place between Germany and the rest of the European states, particularly France. Unilaterally, Chancellor Olaf Scholz released a 200 billion euro plan to cap energy prices. Arthur Genre in DéZoom analyzes the love-hate relationship between the National Front and the media. Its former president, Jean-Marie Le Pen has always maintained a very ambiguous relationship with the press, a strategy still used and still effective to this day. In the Special Recon Brigade of the weekend, Ambre Chalumeau recommends the comic strip “Liberation, our crazy years”, the musical collaboration of the year with L’Impératrice and Rejjie Snow and an exhibition on the Black Indians. Maïa Mazaurette tells us about the American study which proves that men can be judged on their penis. In Zone Mazaurette, she also retraces the history of the condom from Antiquity to the present day and she tackles the funny idea that we had of the Ukrainians to counter the nuclear threat. In her column, Anne Depétrini wonders what the confusion will look like in the National Assembly in 20 years. In the 20h15 Express, Paul Gasnier deals with the “lazy economy” with online shopping, exhausted delivery people and “dark kitchens”. Abda Sall and Allan Savary traveled to Bordeaux to visit one of these virtual restaurants and report on the working conditions of delivery people.To understand why nuclear power plants were slowing down, Valentin Watrin, Baptiste Bril and Arthur Deprés visited the Belleville-sur-Loire nuclear power plant in Cher.