You are currently viewing “Dahmer”, Netflix’s new monster box after “Stranger Things”

“Dahmer”, Netflix’s new monster box after “Stranger Things”

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Serial Killers are serial hits on Netflix. In equivalent of complete viewings, Dahmerthe latest series from Ryan Murphy, is a phenomenon equal to season 4 of Stranger Things.

The Equivalent Complete Views (EVC) metric, popularized by the substsack Netflix&Figures, makes it possible to compare programs whose duration varies. It consists of dividing the total hours viewed, communicated each week by Netflix, by the actual duration of the programme.

Season 4 of Stranger Things was viewed over a total of 1.352 billion hours during its first four weeks of broadcast (Netflix counts the hours viewed of its programs over 28 days). But some episodes were two hours long. That’s an average of 103.7 million EVC for the season total.

Dahmer, after three weeks of broadcast, totals 205.330 million hours viewed, or 79.4 million EVC (the ten episodes of the series vary from 50 to 60 minutes). According to the projections of Netflix&Figures, the reconstruction of the course of the cannibal of Milwaukee should finish around 92-100M TCE in 28 days. What would make it into the Top 3 Netflix series, behind Squid Game (204.2 million TCE) and Stranger Things – delighting third place in season 2 of Bridgerton (78.1 million TEU).

The series also benefits the documentary mini-series on the same killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer tapes made a remarkable start with 10.5 million EVC in three days. In its wake, The John Wayne Gacy tapesa documentary series about another infamous serial killer, appeared in the Netflix Top 10 this week.

Opposite the cardboard Dahmer, Mike Flanagan’s new series, The Midnight Clubeagerly awaited in this pre-Halloween period, is a clear failure, with only 2.1 million EVC in 3 days.

In question, no doubt, the scriptwriting scam of a series which promised Gothic horror but drags on in conversations by the fire to sleep standing up …