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“Dahmer”: 6 things to know about the serial killer who is a hit on Netflix

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Nicknamed the “Cannibal of Milwaukee”, Jeffrey Dahmer confessed to murdering 17 young men between 1978 and 1991. And he didn’t just kill as he also indulged in rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism.

Suffice to say that you have to have your heart hooked before embarking on this series co-created by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) and Ian Brennan (Glee), and worn by Evan Peters (Kick-Ass, X-Men), in the role of the serial killer. She traces the case through the point of view of the murderer, but also that of his father and his victims.

Are you hesitating to immerse yourself in this shocking series but want to know more about this terrifying case? Here are 6 things to know about Milwaukee’s cruelest criminal.

1.A classmate wrote a comic about him

Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood was sketched in a comic book by cartoonist Derf Backderf, who was his classmate on college benches. He is depicted there as a lonely, shy child, victim of bullying and fascinated by the animals crushed on the road.

Derf Backderf wrote a comic about Jeffrey Dahmer, whom he knew at school. ©BELGAIMAGE

Indeed, during his youth, Jeffrey Dahmer already had a penchant for the macabre since he searched his neighborhood in search of dead animals that he dissected at home. He even impaled a dog’s head on a branch.

2.Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious alcoholic

Jeffrey Dahmer starts drinking very early. Constantly equipped with a flask of alcohol as a teenager, he became an alcoholic during his time at university. An addiction to alcohol that cost him his studies and caused him to be fired from the army.

Later, his strong inclination for the drink will also be worth to him to be expelled from the hospital and to be arrested for state of intoxication and disturbance of the public order.

3.He waited 9 years between his first and his second murder

Jeffrey Dahmer commits his first murder in June 1978, at the age of 18. Taking advantage of his parents’ absence, he lures a hitchhiker to his home, knocks him out with a dumbbell, strangles him and dismembers him before burying him in the garden.

It takes nine years before he strikes again. In November 1987, he kills a 26-year-old man in a bar and will later say that he does not remember this crime.

Between 1988 and 1989, he continued to kill sporadically. But it was from May 1990 that he went into a murderous madness and claimed 12 victims in just over a year.

4.Remains belonging to 11 different victims found in his home

On July 22, 1991, the escape of one of Dahmer’s victims marked the end of his murderous spiral. He is finally arrested by the police, who discover the horror in his home.

The remains of corpses are found almost everywhere: a head in the fridge, three other heads and a heart in the freezer, decomposing torsos in cans of acid, skeletons in the cupboards or even skulls in the drawers of the kitchen.

The investigation will reveal that he carried out horrible experiments with his victims. In addition to dismembering his victims and keeping pieces of corpses, he tasted certain parts of them, hence his nickname “the cannibal of Milwaukee”.

He was also convinced that he could transform his victims, who were still alive, into “zombies” by perforating their skulls with an electric drill to inject hydrochloric acid into them.

5.He was sentenced to 957 years in prison

Jeffrey Dahmer’s 17 murders earned him a 957-year prison sentence, which is equivalent to 17 times the life sentence.

In prison, he was attacked twice by fellow prisoners. If he escapes an attempt to cut his throat in July 1994, the second will be fatal to him a few months later. Beaten by a prisoner convinced that Dahmer did not regret his crimes, he succumbed to his injuries during his transfer to the hospital at the age of 34.

6.It is ubiquitous in pop culture

The bespectacled serial killer did not wait for the Netflix series to go down in history. To avoid a cult of the killer after his death, evangelical pastors would have exorcised his apartment, before his building was destroyed at the request of the families of the victims.

Despite these precautions, Jeffrey Dahmer has inspired many artists, musicians and screenwriters for series. From metal bands Macabre and Soulfly, to the series South Park or How I Met Your Mother, to rappers Mac Miller and Eminem, there are dozens of references to the serial killer in popular culture.

And the success met by the Netlix series should not diminish the fascination for Jeffrey Dahmer. Recently, the glasses of the American serial killer were put up for sale for 150,000 euros by a Canadian collector.