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Cyril Hanouna vs. Sophia Aram: why do they hate each other?

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Cyril Hanouna and Sophia Aram Laurent Zabulon and Julien Reynaud / Abaca (editing)

For several months, the host of C8 and the columnist of France Inter have been attacking and responding to each other through the media. A dispute whose origin goes back a long way. Explanations.

Last Monday on France Inter, Sophia Aram hit hard in his morning mood post by qualifying Cyril Hanouna of “barbarism in the service of barbarism” because of the latter’s opinion on the judicial treatment of the Lola affair. “A barbarian of the worst kind to whom everyone comes to serve soup by presenting him as a man of the people or of his time. While he is only the gravedigger of a civilization in the service of a multi-billionaire. […] This is Hanuna, decreed the 49-year-old comedian on the air of the public station. Comments that the person denounced the same evening on C8 in ” Do not touch My TV! » requesting the intervention of Arcom. ” Like all French people, we have the right to freedom of expressionreacted Cyril Hanouna. Laughing about it and insulting me is extremely serious. That she wasn’t funny, we knew that. But that she is an outlaw, now we know. »

Cyril Hanouna, from “modern day guru” to “barbarian”

The first media clashes between Cyril Hanouna and Sophia Aram date back to 2013 when the latter hosted “Up to here everything is fine” in access prime time on France 2, opposite “TPMP”. A program stopped after a few months because of its poor audiences. On November 4, 2013, after a week’s vacation, the host of C8 signed his return with a bang. “Know that all the people around the table are not school failures. We kiss all the people who make a show on the side and for whom so far, everything is going badly “, he blurted out. A response to Sophia Aram who had declared a few days earlier on her show that her son did not watch the C8 talk show because he was in school and brilliant in his studies. Guest of the “Buzz TV” of TVMagazine on November 7, 2013, the host of France 2 assured, however, not to be angry with his colleague or affected by his criticisms. “Not at all, we worked together a few years ago. This is the principle of his show (to criticize, editor’s note) »she replied about him.

After a long phase without the slightest wave, Sophia Aram charged Cyril Hanouna on May 22, 2017 in the midst of the scandal of the “Radio Baba” program broadcast four days earlier on C8. That day, the comedian had taken advantage of his airtime on France Inter to “drawing the portrait of Cyril Hanouna” : “Cyril Hanouna is a modern-day guru whose level of reflection, charisma and aura bring him more surely closer to the oyster or the whelk than to Jim Jones, Ron Bard or Raël”she explained, comparing the public of “TPMP” to followers and the columnists to beings “reduced to the role of stress relievers” victims of “rituals of humiliation”. “Hanouna spreads herself dirty under the gaze of the CSA, complacently waiting for him to come out of the anal stage”she added, accusing him of being responsible for “the trivialization of the humiliations suffered by many homosexuals”.

“When you get knocked out by people without talent, it’s good news”

Cyril Hanouna about Sophia Aram

At the beginning of this year, Cyril Hanouna defended Laurent Ruquier in “Touche pas à mon poste! “while the latter in turn suffered the wrath of the columnist of France Inter. “When you get screwed by Sophia Aram, it’s rather good news”, had quipped the host on January 10, 2022 on C8. And to reveal that evening the origin of his estrangement with the native of Ris-Orangis. “She hates us and I’ll tell you whyhe said. When I was on Comédie!, she wanted to join the channel after testing for a week. And as it was catastrophic, Dominique Farrugia and the other leaders did not call him back. Since then, she has a grudge against us. So when you get knocked out by people with no talent, that’s good news. »

A month later, he did it again after Sophia Aram attacked the “freedom convoy” on France Inter. “The lesson givers are backhe was annoyed. She had very harsh and once again not funny words. Sophia Aram does not carry us in her heart and we are rather happy about it. She smashed the “freedom convoy”, it’s true that it’s good to make fun of people in extreme difficulties when you’re quietly at home… Sophia Aram, the lesson giver, who was certainly quietly at the Café de Flore in Saint-Germain-des-Prés sipping hot chocolate, did not like that the “freedom convoy” bothered her. »And Cyril Hanouna to continue, after having broadcast the column in question: “It’s so not funny. If I had someone like that next to me writing this column for me, I would be embarrassed. All of Sophia Aram’s chronicles are embarrassing, she pains me a little. I hate contempt. She should not forget that she is paid with public service money. »

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