You are currently viewing Cyril Hanouna (TPMP) sold his house in Los Angeles for 5.6 million euros, the photos of his incredible villa

Cyril Hanouna (TPMP) sold his house in Los Angeles for 5.6 million euros, the photos of his incredible villa

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Cyril Hanouna likes to have fun! Indeed, the troublemaker of the PAF has acquired a superb villa on the heights of Los Angeles. The Dirt site reports that the host has shelled out more than 5 million euros for this swanky Hollywood Hills property. The latter previously belonged to gallery owners and art collectors Jean-Jacques and Julie Darmon. However, only two months after the purchase, the C8 star decided to sale.

the hit of Cyril Hanouna is no longer to be proven. The flagship animator continues, again and again, to mark the French audiovisual landscape with its many program concepts. The hearings of Touche pas à mon poste are also still at the good looking. Very positive results which today allow the animator to buy sumptuous villasevidenced by that of Los Angeles.

A villa perched on the heights of Los Angeles valued at 5.6 million euros

The villa in question? A contemporary building in concrete and glass, perched on the heights of the city. Located above the Sunset Strip, the house is right next to that of the rapper Arizona Zervas, whose value is increased to more than 4 million euros. It includes 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, but also a large kitchen which has appliances top of the line. The living room has its own chimney and a breathtaking view.

On the furniture side, Cyril Hanouna can take advantage of very beautiful creations. The rooms are equipped with furniture Fendi and Ralph Lauren, left by the previous owners. And that’s not all ! The villa has state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Among the most surprising pieces? A Movie room equipped with a bar. A sports Hall is added the floor. Outside, a spectacular waterfall extends from the top of the house to below the swimming pool.

One of the qualities of this acquisition? His view of the City of Angels ! It is proper to Hollywood Hills which allows this superb panorama. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, this district is a real gem, which explains why it is so popular with stars. Some villas are valued at more than 60 million euroslike that of the singer Jennifer Lopez. The district is therefore particularly secured. However, the villa sold by Cyril Hanouna incorporates an alarm system with cameras.

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The swimming pool is also one of the highlights of this house. Located on the terrace overlooking the city, it is complemented by garden furniture that makes you want to bask in the sun. If the weather is not good, 5 lounges are arranged in the villa to welcome its owners. The dining roommeanwhile, can easily accommodate a ten guests.

To buy Cyril Hanouna’s house, you have to pay around 6 million euros. Thus, the presenter will be able to make a profit from €400,000. Is the C8 host about to make a new acquisition ? Perhaps he will talk about this in a future program of Touche pas à mon poste! Case to follow!