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CyberGhost, a VPN to install absolutely on PC, mobile and tablet

In case it’s not very clear to you: a VPN is a software whose primary purpose is to ensure your security on the net, by protecting your personal data and your privacy. But a VPN now has many other applications, such as circumventing geoblocks and censorships that are current on the net, for example.

But now, the offer is so vast that finding the VPN you need can be complicated. To cut short all the headaches, comparisons and hesitations, we are therefore going to introduce you to CyberGhost. This VPN, created in 2011, is a hit and is among the best in the world.

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The many advantages of CyberGhost VPN on a daily basis

If CyberGhost is in a very good position in the ranking of the best VPNs 2022, it is because this software is excellent in many areas. Indeed, know that with CyberGhost, you will have access to more than 8,800 servers worldwide. These are distributed in a total of 91 different countries.

Thanks to this, you will be able to modify your virtual location, so that it corresponds to each of these positions. What will you use it for? By doing this, you will be able to unblock all global web content. You will therefore be offered foreign Netflix catalogs, but also websites, television channels, game servers or even download sites from other countries.

In the same way with CyberGhost, you can also access your French content and services when traveling abroad. Moreover, this VPN offers very good connection speeds, which allows you a smooth experience in streaming, gaming or downloading (the VPN also has servers optimized for these three uses).

But if this provider is such a good ally on a daily basis, it is also because its application is very easy to use. The latter also adapts to a large number of devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, but also Smart TVs and connected boxes.

And currently, know that CyberGhost is showing 83% discount and 3 months free on its 3-year subscription, which allows you to benefit from it for only €2.11 per month, compared to €12.65 in normal times. And at that price, know that CyberGhost allows you to equip your whole family and even help out your friends without paying more, thanks to 7 simultaneous connections per account. If this is not enough, know that a configuration on a compatible router is possible.

CyberGhost: a software above all created for your security

Since we said that VPNs are above all tools designed for your online security and anonymity, you may be wondering how CyberGhost protects you. Very simply, be aware that this VPN implements all the actions necessary for optimal security, whether on the net or on connected applications.

On the one hand, CyberGhost creates an end-to-end encrypted tunnel, so no one can read your browsing data. These contain information such as your passwords, your bank details or your browsing history, so it is essential to protect them.

On the other hand, CyberGhost takes care of completely disguising your IP address. Thanks to this process, your identity and location cannot be exposed online, which represents an additional guarantee.

To go further, the application integrates the Kill Switch emergency stop. This feature suspends incoming and outgoing traffic to your device in the event that the VPN accidentally disconnects. This ensures that your data is never exposed, even inadvertently. In addition, note that this VPN is guaranteed No Log, which means that no data relating to your use of the software is kept by the provider.

If this appeals to you, remember that you can take advantage of all these advantages at a low price thanks to CyberGhost’s current offer. The VPN is displayed at only €82.29 for a period of 39 months, which corresponds to a monthly cost price of only €2.11.

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And if you feel hesitant about taking the plunge, know that CyberGhost has you covered. An extended 45-day money-back guarantee accompanies this subscription, so you can try out the software fully, stress-free.