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Criticized for her belly hair, influencer Mara Lafontan replies

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The 27-year-old influencer and model does not intend to let it go. Strongly criticized on social networks because of a few hairs on her stomach, Mara Lafontan decided to respond to her critics in a TikTok video. “I wax when I want,” she replied in particular.

Mara Lafontan, a famous 27-year-old model, did not think she would trigger such a wave of negative comments by posing in a swimsuit for the Passionata lingerie brand. Many Internet users have openly criticized the young woman because of her hair on her lower stomach. “We’re going straight into the wall”, “It’s great nonsense”, “His hair is disgusting”, “It’s really disgusting”, “There is nothing beautiful”, could we read under a snapshot posted on Facebook.

Biting and sexist comments to which Mara Lafontan decided to respond on TikTok. In a video published on the famous social network, the young woman explains that she assumes her hairiness. “I am very hairy by nature and I suffered a lot from it during my childhood, they called me the monkey, the Cro-Magnon. When I started modeling, I was asked to do laser hair removal, to wax my arms. But today, I don’t care anymore. I wax when I want”, says the influencer.

“And that doesn’t stop me from going out in a dress. And when I want, I wax. It’s as simple as that, I don’t do violence to myself… There are people who, to feel good, need to say to themselves: ‘I’m better than her'”, adds the young woman from 27 years old. “Do your husbands wax? The armpits, the belly? … The hair is not dirty“, she concludes in her video. The model then received hundreds of messages of support from Internet users, who also denounced the sexist nature of the criticisms at respect.


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