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Cosmecode designates the ideal shade of foundation in one click

The initial objective of the entrepreneur is to provide brands and distributors, in stores or online, with a personalized consulting solution, via digital technology.

Personalized advice is the most powerful conversion tool in the beauty industry “, she declares, “ when a customer is accompanied by a Beauty Adviser in store, there is a good chance that she will leave with the product on offer. The idea was to make a digital version “.

The first feature selected is support in choosing the right shade of foundation.We extensively tested the reaction of consumers to digital advice and identified this great opportunity. It’s a real challenge for all skin colors. It’s almost impossible online, and difficult in store where the lighting environment must be taken into account. “, explains the leader.

The right shade guaranteed at 94%

With Cosmecode, the prescription of the right shade is therefore driven by an algorithm.

The process is quick and easy to use. The user takes a photo of herself and the application tells her the shade that corresponds to her within the different ranges of brands referenced in the database.

Today, the mobile version of the application is based on 6500 shades of foundationamong the most present ranges on the market (Chanel, BlackUp, Guerlain, etc.).

Our goal is to eventually reference all the products available on the market, with constant updating. But the solution can also adapt very well to a brand and its references “says Sarah Mellouki.

Presented at the last VivaTech show, the Cosmecode prototype displayed, according to the test carried out, a reliability score of 94%, out of a selection limited to three ranges. According to the founder, the process is based on “Computer vision” and “Deep Learning” technologies, but also on a lot of SEO work.

It is a very difficult tool to develop but the potential is huge. We start with the foundation but it can then switch to other categories of products, such as complementary colors to the complexion for example, with lipsticks or hair coloring adds Sarah Mellouki.

A B2B solution

The entrepreneur, supported by a team of five developers, defends the strength of the tool for a B to B approach. More than the general public, it wishes to target the solution primarily to distributors and brandsfrom personalized interfaces for the different communication universes.

In stores, brands can list their products on the platform, which will be used as an advisory tool. It will thus be able to act on the conversion rate, but also make it possible to standardize the quality of this advice, which is very important for brands. Online, we are currently developing a version with a plug-in to load on e-commerce sites, which will allow users to immediately know the shade they need before ordering. “says Sarah Mellouki.

Last asset, the Cosmecode solution is very easily internationalized.