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Complexed, Julianne Moore tore her eyebrows

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People and royalty

The American actress shared an anecdote that says it all.

His talent and his freckles capsized Hollywood. At 61, Julianne Moore is still one of the impossible-to-hate celebrities and her class is an inspiration. However, the actress hasn’t always been comfortable in her freckled skin.

“I didn’t stop”

“Growing up in the United States, I felt like no one had freckles. I just wanted to look like all the other tanned American kids. I hated being the one who couldn’t go to the beach or had to wear long sleeves. I think it stuck with me a bit,” she confided in words translated by Miss Figaro. Having trouble assuming her physique, Julianne Moore has developed a very bad habit: attacking her eyebrows. “I kept ripping them off, laundering them, doing all kinds of things to them, so they really completely disappeared”, she slipped. Today, the actress reveals that they are “drawn”, without going into details. Mother of a girl, Liv, 20, she now makes sure that this annoying habit does not happen again.