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Complaints From New Car Buyers Are Rising: Here’s Your Rights Against Too Long Delivery Times

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Have you ordered a new car and have been waiting for it for a very long time? You are not alone. Test Achats received more than 200 complaints in three months. What to do in this situation, and what are your rights?

Sometimes very long delivery times, up to six months or even a year. Many consumers complain because they do not receive their car on the date originally scheduled.

Production times have become much longer because there are problems with the availability of a certain number of parts. There are a lot of electronic components in the cars and since they are not available, it slows down the productions“, explains Jean-Philippe Dussart, spokesperson for Test Achats.

Supplements sometimes requested

The other complaint reported by consumers is that of supplements requested when the vehicle ordered can no longer be delivered or when a new, more expensive model is offered. The consumer association reminds that as a buyer, there is no obligation to accept these unforeseen supplements.

If we have to change model or option then we have to make a new contract. Additional charges should not be accepted by the consumer“, says the spokesperson.

If you are faced with too long deadlines, you have no choice but to wait: this is why it is advisable to anticipate. “When you have a vehicle that you need to change, we recommend ordering the vehicle well in time to have it when it changes. These strong delays will continue at least until 2023“, explains Gabriel Goffoy, communication director of the Belgian Federation of the Automobile and Cycle Industry.

The situation varies depending on the vehicle ordered. The best would be to have a communication with the seller in order to find the best possible balance.