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Comedian Florence Mendez victim of moral harassment at France Inter: she implicates a relative of Nagui

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Florence Mendez, who officiated on France Inter since September 2021, has just announced that she has left the French radio channel. In a press release published on her social network accounts, she explains that she made this choice after having suffered validism and moral harassment within the station of the Radio France group. The Belgian comedian claims to have been the victim of harassment there, particularly from a “very close” collaborator of Nagui, before recounting an example, which dates back to March 2022. “ [Elle] literally yelled at me, so violently that it triggered a panic attack that required the intervention of the Radio France firefighters. At no time was I given the opportunity to defend myself. “The young woman also claims to have suffered other” humiliating things “, in front of several other people, who did not react. Worse still, these difficult moments have been minimized, until being told: ” You are not here to make friends. »

The Etterbeekoise claims to have seen this collaborator, whom she never quotes, similarly attack several other people, still without any reaction from the witnesses. After the incident in March, she had finally decided to inform her superiors, who had assured her that “if the problem did not get better”, she would be transferred to another time slot, since her work “brought satisfaction”. She had also taken the trouble to send an email to the offending person, to explain to him that she suffered from an autism spectrum disorder and that the reading of her environment was not always the right one. ” If I found the feedback on my work healthy, and encouraged it, nothing justified such violence towards me. she had mentioned. The response of his interlocutor was however very cold: “ It wasn’t his problem if I was autistic and overly sensitive. “The one who had made her radio debut at La Première then adds that Nagui, himself, made the same remarks to her by telephone.

A chronicle that said a lot…

After her complaint, Florence Mendez confides that it has become very difficult for her to continue to work at France Inter, and to face the vindictive attitude of the one she accuses. ” She no longer spoke to me, voluntarily refrained from laughing at my chronicles, no longer wanted to give my show dates on the air (…). I became the black sheep of the gang. she says. Having had no feedback from her hierarchy, she found herself in total uncertainty about her future at France Inter. ” Deciding to leave with my head held high, I have therefore chosen to do my last column on harassment in the workplace, hoping to make these people understand that it is not ok to treat anyone like this. she continues. And by listening to it again, this famous chronicle, given last June in “La Bande sonore”, takes on a whole new dimension. ” No need for details, moral harassment, it’s not to Nagui’s collaborators that I need to explain what it is. she had launched on the air, before a few discreet laughs.