You are currently viewing Coldplay, the new gods of the King Baudouin stadium: they even sang “Magic” in Dutch!

Coldplay, the new gods of the King Baudouin stadium: they even sang “Magic” in Dutch!

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Chris Martin, colorful t-shirt, pants and sneakers, hypnotizes the first as the last row. He carries this show with his presence, his voice, his talents as a guitarist and pianist… Even if he is helped by his partners, fireworks, jets of glitter and balloons. It’s the Midi Fair in a soft-pop version.

If it’s crap, don’t post the videos on Youtube

This disorderly sparkle is no coincidence. We cannot conceive of a “stadium formatted” concert without making sure of the smallest adjustments. But Chris Martin also knows when he has to deviate from the initial plan and adapt to the public. It started with “Good evening friends”, followed by “Goeieavond” in Dutch, “links, recht, achteruit…” to end with “Magic”, sung entirely in Flemish. Prowess and laughter. “If it’s crap, don’t post the videos on Youtube“, begs the singer.

Other nods to Belgium, this t-shirt with the image of Stromae “my friend” worn then thrown into the pit. Or an interpretation of “Sparks”, “a song we sang in Werchter 22 years ago, one of the first concerts we gave abroad“Coldplay seems to appreciate Belgium so much that members could, like Mick Jagger a few days ago, take the opportunity to visit our tourist spots. haven’t they already lent their voice to a message broadcast on the STIB network (saturated last night) ?

Early fans will fall for “In my place” and “Clocks, with their catchy riff. The youngest plead more for the duet with the Koreans BTS who slip a head into the LED screens.

One of the highlights of the show will remain “A sky full of stars” which the group will perform again. “I want this to be the best experience we’ve ever had together. Put your cell phones in your pockets and put your hands up“, asks Chris Martin. We run. The bracelets do the rest. He was right and we will not spoil, for those who still have to attend the concerts on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.