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CM Punk fires live ammunition during AEW All Out press conference

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AEW always holds press conferences after its PPVs and All Out 2022 was allowed to have its press conference in front of the media.

CM Punk and Tony Khan opened the conference and the wrestler fired live ammunition on several subjects and swear words accompanied every other word for each of his answers. Punk spoke without question and he was furious with AEW directors, Adam Page and some media for his relationship with Scott Colton (real name Colt Cabana).

Punk explained the reason why his friendship with Cabana no longer exists following their lawsuit against WWE. Stories already explained on Catch-Newz: Cabana sued Punk despite Punk offering him a lawyer and money. He says he is frustrated with some AEW directors who throw information about his relationship with Cabana in front of the media. For Punk, his relationship with Cabana is clear: he doesn’t give a damn about him and it doesn’t matter what he does with his life.

About Adam Hangman Page, he says he is frustrated for Adam Page’s promo who tried to destroy the house he tried to build in AEW. A very low level according to him and it is a shame that Page refused to listen to the opinion of the mentors behind the scenes about his ideas. Punk ended by saying that some directors “step on their own dick” by putting others down in interviews to get on.

CM Punk ended by confirming that he still believes in AEW as the place to work despite the drama he hopes everyone can sort out.

The full conference:

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