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CM Punk close to being laid off?

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As you know, the AEW has been talking for several days now because of an altercation between CM Punk accompanied by Ace Steel against The Elite (Young Bucks & Kenny Omega). Today, new details regarding this story have been revealed.

Fightful tells us they’ve gotten confirmation that Ace Steel bit Kenny Omega, CM Punk punched one of the Bucks, and Nick Jackson was hit in the eye with a chair.

Regarding the person who started the hostilities, there are many conflicting opinions among those interviewed by Fightful. Some people say CM Punk should have expected to be confronted after his comments at the press conference and another person allegedly revealed that Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks approached CM Punk’s locker room very aggressively in what would have could have been interpreted as a 3 on 1 attack. This confrontation would have lasted “about 6 minutes” during which Brandon Cutler, Christopher Daniels and Pat Buck tried to defuse the situation.

Roster members and media contacted by Fightful admitted to having heard nothing from Tony Khan since the altercation. A high-ranking person reportedly told Fightful that it would likely be radio silence for the time being regarding the altercation due to possible legal implications.

Fightful has received information from the Hoffman Estates Police Department which states:

“The Hoffman States Police Department does not have any police reports or documents indicating that the police were contacted during the AEW All Out event for anything that happened behind the scenes. The only police intervention at the event is a family issue in the audience.”

Almost unanimously, the talents interviewed by Fightful did not like the way CM Punk decided to go about their business that night. Some of the talents who usually support CM Punk said that their reaction wouldn’t have been the same and others didn’t want to react. Rumors were heard regarding CM Punk’s possible injury occurring during this altercation, but these allegations could not be confirmed.

Regarding the next episode of Dynamite, several wrestlers are in the dark about their use. Several longtime AEW star wrestlers have revealed that it would be incomprehensible if CM Punk wasn’t fired after the altercation.

Fighful specifies that there is no link between this whole story and that concerning Adam Page who would have been criticized for certain takes carried a little harshly. Arn Anderson had at the time asked the Hangman to be a little less brutal on some of his holds and on his wrestling style in general, because several wrestlers had been injured. Adam Page had taken these remarks very well and there was no tension on the horizon with his co-workers, especially since he is very popular behind the scenes.

Fightful ends by saying that interviewees didn’t report any tension between MJF and CM Punk at least until the current AEW World Champion referred to MJF as a “stubborn kid. with whom he had to work.”

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