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Cloud Gaming usage grew 1800% in one year

As the years go by, the cloud becomes more important in Xbox’s strategy. If the future of the brand will remain above all on consoles, the greatest potential for growth lies in remote gaming on the medium of its choice. After Android mobiles and iPhones a few months later, Samsung televisions with Android TV have recently received the feature. And it doesn’t stop there. Indeed, since the arrival of Fortnite free in the service, Xbox seems to draw the contours of its platform to accommodate the greatest number of players. In this context, the Seattle brand has released a video showcasing the latest advances over the past year.

In this one, we find Kevin LaChapelle and Catherine Gluckstein who carry the service. Gluckstein tells us very quickly that the number of hours consumed on the service has increased by 1800% over the last year. LaChapelle goes one step further by stating that to meet this increase in demand, Microsoft is investing heavily in new servers around the world. As mentioned above, the arrival of Fortnite as well as new markets such as Argentina or New Zealand explains this incredible growth. The two friends also explain the importance of player feedback to improve service. As well as ideas for games, features or other ideas that could come in addition.

In a market that plans to reach six billion dollars in revenue by 2024, Xbox puffs out its chest and sharpens its assets to capture the biggest chunk of it. The shortage of components is still at a significant level and not ready to stop by then, the giant seems to have all the favorable conditions to achieve this.