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Claude Lelouch defends Ary Abittan: “Listen, he is very unhappy…”

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“I liked this man so much that I wanted to see the few fake asses that were there” , he recently dropped at the microphone of RTL France. On the day of Johnny Hallyday’s funeral, Claude Lelouch had indeed taken out his smartphone to film the relatives of the Taulier as closely as possible. What was the purpose of these images (an attitude deemed disrespectful by fans, Editor’s note)? “You know, I am an amateur filmmaker, he answers us. And an amateur filmmaker, he shoots every day. All the days of life I’ve been spinning (the day of our meeting, he also took the time to film the panorama of the Battle of Waterloo in his own way, Editor’s note). So that day, like a million Parisians, I shot. But me, I was reproached for it… As if a filmmaker did not have the right to film. However, these are images that I filmed only for the family. Not for the public.” And Claude Lelouch insists. “There’s no need to make a documentary. Television broadcast live that day what I couldn’t do with my little phone.”

The 84-year-old director, who also defends Ary Abittan (indicted for rape and placed under judicial supervision for exactly a year) and his presumption of innocence (he did not cut him during the editing of his film love is better than life), gives news of the actor who still has to face new damning testimonies this week. “Listen, he is very unhappy … and I wish him to bounce back very very quickly, concludes the filmmaker, bruised by the affair which affects his friend. And he is capable of it.