You are currently viewing Clara Luciani’s nod to Julien Doré in his new tattoo

Clara Luciani’s nod to Julien Doré in his new tattoo

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People and royalty

The singer does not seem to believe in the small attention of his friend.

Clara Luciani and Julien Doré are very good friends, and have already proven it several times on social networks. The singer had notably organized a nice surprise for his friend on the occasion of her 30th birthday. Today, it’s Clara Luciani’s turn to make a gesture towards her friend.

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In her Instagram story, the singer wanted to pay tribute to Julien Doré and created a surprise by sharing a photo of her wrist on which is written “Juju for ever”. She then tagged the main interested party and gave him a wink in the caption, writing: “ My friend in the skin”.

Visibly skeptical, Julien Doré shared the photo again, saying he didn’t think the tattoo was real. ” Clara is trying to trick me into thinking it’s a real tattoo. In your opinion, true or false?“, he wrote in the caption by launching a survey to his subscribers. Real or fake tattoo? The singer has not yet confirmed anything, but Internet users seem to believe in a deception.