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Chucky brings his share of thrills to WWE SuperCard

A new update for the WWE SuperCard mobile game launches today, October 5, 2022, until Halloween. An update that gives you new quests and objectives in order to earn the special Chucky map. 2K Games sent this press release:

Horror icon Chucky steps into the WWE SuperCard ring, starting October 5, 2022 through Halloween 2022, to elicit screams among card players! A special Arcane level of cards featuring the dreaded doll will first be offered via a new series of Quests and objectives for players to complete throughout the game. Players of Arcane level or higher who complete this quest will be rewarded by a Chucky guaranteed card. This quest will be active from October 5 to October 9, 2022.

For players who miss the Quest or want to go Pro or Fortify Chucky, there will be chances to get the card again throughout October. Chucky will make several appearances in RewardMania and will also appear in other rewards and packs at certain set times.

For players who are tempted by a less scary experience, the Watch Party option for the Extreme Rules premium live event is ideal. Watch Party is a new limited-time feature that allows players to develop their skills as bookers and chat with other players during select WWE events. When Watch Party is enabled, players can try to predict match results using their own cards. The more correct predictions they make and the better cards they use, the better their chances of receiving rewards.

Photo credit: 2K