Chrome’s Incognito Tabs Get Truly Private – Here’s How

BrowsersChrome is the most widely used web browser in the world, both on the smartphone platform and on PCs and laptops. Over the past few hours, Google has introduced an interesting novelty that will have a positive impact on the privacy of Chrome users. Google browser news closely relates to tabs opened in incognito mode on Chrome. We know that Chrome for Android currently offers the ability to simultaneously open tabs in classic mode and Incognito mode. The novelty consists in being able to block the access to the cards in Incognito. Blocking is activated as soon as you quit Chrome and authentication is required when you try to access tabs in incognito again. The authentication required is the same as that required to unlock the smartphone. The novelty should be distributed in automatic mode soon to all Chrome users (with version 105), but it is possible to activate it immediately via this procedure:

– Open Google Chrome on Android.
– In the address bar go to: chrome: // flags / # incognito-reauthentication-for-android
– Select On to activate the option.
– Restart Chrome using the button that will appear on the screen.
– After Chrome restarts (more than one may be needed), go to Settings, then to the Privacy & Security section.
– Look for the option Block incognito browsing tabs when you quit Chrome and enable it.
– The option is active and will require authentication in case you try to access maps in incognito mode again.