You are currently viewing Christine and the Queens in the spotlight: “My page has become the receptacle of a reductive, sexist and unbridled trolling”

Christine and the Queens in the spotlight: “My page has become the receptacle of a reductive, sexist and unbridled trolling”

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The return of Christine and the Queens is imminent. The new album will be released in September. On the 23rd, fans will be able to discover Redcar The adorable stars, his youngest. Redcar which is also the new nickname with which she calls herself. Héloïse Letissier has in fact made a specialty of changing her stage name for each new album since when the Chrisin 2018, she called herself … Chris.

His return to the spotlight after the highly acclaimed EP The Vita Nuova (2020), is not without some turmoil. Taken to task for her admitted cannabis use and her sexual orientation, the singer replied curtly via a long video on TikTok.

“I’m tired of my page becoming the receptacle of such a reductive trolling, and then problematic, and then sexist and above all particularly wild. All this because I had the honesty to post 2-3 photos where I indicated my consumption of weed (cannabis, editor’s note)”, she explains. Called psychotic, cameo, etc., she decided to break the silence. “My silence which was supposed to protect my art. Because I made a lot of music when you were calling me a cameo. thing (this controversy, NdlR)… I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to let people fantasize. Yesterday, I just posted something on which I don’t do anything, it’s just a TikTok trend that is useless, which is cute, which makes you laugh. When I saw the systematic side of trolling, I said to myself that something had to be done.”

“You’re extrapolating about seeing me smoke joints. That’s my only consumption. Eighty percent of the artists you get excited about most of the time are guys who consume a lot more stuff.” She brings up harder drugs like cocaine. “Why would I be at the end of my life, psychotic and close to the asylum because I smoke joints? I don’t think so.”

She goes on to make an update on her sexual appearance, clearly exceeded by the critics. “I have been a masculine gender for a year, a little more officially in my family and in my intimacy for a few months. It’s a fairly long process. Even if it means trolling me, trolling me with real attacks. Tell me that I I became psychotic and therefore my masculine is a psychosis.”

Best Song of the Year

Just to have peace, Christine and the Queens alias Redcar announces that her page will now be moderated more severely “to have fun expressing myself, communicating with people interested in my project”. And she adds: “Don’t assume you know someone just because you see TikTok videos. Redcar, like all my poetic and philosophical constructs, is a poetic and philosophical construct that helps me become. I’m not in marketing, in a smooth image, in the lie. I’m an artist. Do you think it’s going to do it or do you think it’s going to be average?”

When exiting from Chris four years ago, the singer had already been the target of a controversy that had made a lot of noise. She had been accused of “plagiarism” when “Damn, tell me”, the first single from her album was made public. She was accused of using ready-made sounds from a music computer program to compose it. This did not prevent the album from becoming number 1 in sales in France and for the artist to be showered with praise abroad, in particular in the United States and the United Kingdom. the New York Times devoted an article to the single, while the Guardian named it Best Song of 2018.