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Chinese giant NetEase buys prestigious studio Quantic Dream – Geeko

NetEase acquires the French video game studio Quantic Dream.

While NetEase focused exclusively on mobile video games and the Chinese market in the past, the giant now dreams of expanding internationally and diversifying. After several takeovers of independent studios in recent years, NetEase adds Quantic Dream to its list and becomes a 100% shareholder of the studio. The latter becomes the main video game development studio of the Chinese juggernaut in Europe. The two parties did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

A successful studio

Quantic Dream specializes in narrative and interactive games. For example, the French studio is behind the worldwide success “Detroit: Become Human”. Released four years ago, the game has sold more than 7 million copies. Currently, Quantic Dream is working with LucasFilm Games on a new video game adaptation of the Star Wars universe called “Star Wars Eclipse”. This adaptation is part of the “AAA” titles, a name that designates big budget games. Another sign of success, Quantic Dream is present on all consoles and platforms.

A strategic takeover

For Quantic Dream too, this takeover means a lot. In short, it puts an end to a quarter of a century of total independence. “Quantic Dream was founded on May 2, 1997. For 25 years we have operated as an independent developer, and in recent years also as a publisher”, recalls the studio. The operation aims to help Quantic Dream to continue its development and to support its financing of other studios, and therefore, its dream of becoming an international publisher.

In this regard, NetEase assures that the French studio “will continue to operate independently”. As a reminder, the Chinese giant had already returned to a minority stake in the French company in 2019.

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