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Charlene of Monaco: soon a third child?

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Since July 26 and her solo outing in a retirement home in Monaco, Princess Charlene has been discreet. And that was all it took to see a strange rumor emerge. This time, the information comes from the side of the tabloid World.

“He has power over her”

This August 8, we could read that Prince Albert would press his wife to give Jacques and Gabriella a brother or sister. “Albert and Charlene have wiped the slate clean and seem to have revived a marriage that many people doomed a year ago. He is happy to have her by his side again during his official duties and even wants to go further by having another baby. This would assure Monegasques that all is well with their monarch and his wife.” provides a source. The problem? The South African, still fragile after her long recovery, would be reluctant to this idea. “He has power over her.” says the same source.

This kind of scenario has the gift of annoying the princely couple, who no longer hesitate to defend their privacy. “I still find it regrettable that certain media peddle such rumors about my life, my relationship. had already lamented Charlène during an interview with Nice morning last May.