You are currently viewing Changelog Dofus 2.65, what’s new with the update?

Changelog Dofus 2.65, what’s new with the update?

Dofus regularly receives updates and this is particularly the case this Tuesday, September 20. Find the Changelog 2.65 and what it brought.

Dofus continues to update and has received a brand new patch this Tuesday, September 20 which brings many balances, but also the addition of an activity expected by the players.

Like always, Ankama has published a Changelog (source) giving everything that has changed within the game and so we will give you the important information that has been brought with the 2.65 update.

Changelog 2.65 on Dofus, what does the update bring?

If you want to know all the content of the 2.65 update, you can consult the Changelog given by Ankama and which is available above. In order to synthesize the information to be retained, here is what it brings in broad outline:

  • Balances have been made to the Pandawa tank by removing the stack of “invulnerability” and non-line of sight damage while worn for Pandawa allies. This makes it impossible to combine Vulnerability and Fermentation, slightly reduces the tanking provided by the Picole
  • Several changes and balances for the Pandawas
  • Modifications and additions of common spells were brought
  • Added a new activity, Expeditions which are available from September 27

To learn about these changes for Pandawas, Ankama gave information on a Devblog (source), the same goes for changes to common spells (source) and an Expedition schedule has also been published (source). Finally, remember thatmaintenance is scheduled for this Tuesday, September 20 from 8 a.m. on Dofus in order to deploy this 2.65 update.

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Published on 09/19/2022 at 21:17

By Slash