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Change at Lidl: “It’s an unavoidable trend”

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Ten Belgian Lidl supermarkets hosted self-service checkouts. A test to assess the group’s investment. After two years, the test ended.

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LLidl supermarkets have replaced their self-service checkouts with traditional checkouts, reports Retail Detail. A step back which is surprising at a time when all its competitors are betting on automation and facing a shortage of staff.

A rumor explained this decision by daily problems of theft and scans of products worth more than 500 euros, but it was denied by the brand. “That’s definitely not the reason,” said Isabelle Colbrandt, a spokesperson for Lidl. “The pilot project has been well received. Surveys show that people have found their way to self-service checkouts. It is already becoming a habit, the systems are obvious. Self-checkouts are indeed an unavoidable trend in the market. »

But then, why are automatic checkouts going to disappear from Lidl stores? A reflection is underway at group level, explains Isabelle Colbrandt. They should return, but we still don’t know in which stores and when.

The supermarket chain wants to switch to this new technology, but ten pilot stores, as is the case today, is too expensive an investment. The group is therefore assessing the scale and timing of the rollout of the new self-checkout machines. “It’s really an investment choice,” concludes the spokesperson.