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Celine Dion’s sister gives her news: “I saw her with a twisted little leg”

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She has never been so discreet. A flamboyant diva, Celine Dion has been forced to take a lot of rest from the flashes she has come to love. Cancellations of dates, crazy rumors about her health… the rumors of the hallway rocketed all around the 54-year-old singer. Her sister Claudette decided to speak.

“She gets treated”

“First, I always say that if Céline was not well, we would know. It would be impossible for her not to tell us”she said for the Quebec media In addition, his eldest confirms that the dates of his “Courage World Tour” are in no way canceled, but “postponed”.Claudette, however, admitted that Celine Dion is in the grip of violent muscle spasms which, on occasion, left the star with“a twisted little leg”.The Quebecer takes the opportunity to develop her own theory: the scene at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas could be in question. “Several people who know Céline well from having worked with her often ask me if the famous slope of the theater could have disturbed the nerves or muscles in her pelvis…”, she slipped, enigmatic.

“She’s getting treatment, she’s getting lots of massages, she’s enjoying it, she’s getting pampered. And she’s going back to the shows; I heard rehearsals are done and it’s ‘mental sick’,” she pointed out. A positive message that should reassure fans of the singer.