You are currently viewing Caroline Margeridon rants from the south of France: “You don’t realize”

Caroline Margeridon rants from the south of France: “You don’t realize”

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Currently on vacation in the south of France, near Antibes, Caroline Margeridon, buyer in the show “Affaire concluded”, gave a little rant on Instagram. “Stop throwing your cigarette butts out of your car window,” she told her subscribers, reminding us that the extreme temperatures we are currently experiencing favor the start of fires.

On Instagram, Caroline Margeridon said she witnessed dangerous and unacceptable behavior on the road to the south of France. “I wanted to give you a little rant”, she launched to her subscribers in a video published in her Instagram story. “Stop throwing cigarette butts out of your car window! You do not even realize that unfortunately it is very hot, even at my friends in the South West. Me, I’m in the Southeast today, but I’m so sad about what’s happening right now (fires, especially in Gironde, editor’s note). So, be super careful. Don’t throw your cigarette butts out the window.

The buyer of “Closed deal” then explained her own technique to avoid fire starts, but also to display her “respect” and her “solidarity” towards the firefighters: “I have a small plastic bottle with water, because we no longer have ashtrays in our cars. Yesterday, when I was on the highway, I saw people throwing their cigarette butts, I wanted to kick their ass.

Intense heat

Like other European countries, France has been facing extreme heat for several days. This Monday, July 18, the maximum temperatures were everywhere above 30°C, and between 38 and 40°C in half of France, from the West to the Rhone Valley. The intense heat is fueling the fires, which have multiplied in recent days in the country, especially in Gironde. The Landiras fire (Gironde) has burned 10,500 hectares of forest since last Tuesday.


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