Career orientation after studies

Hello all,

I started a work-study master’s degree in industrial maintenance management.
The basic process of this master is to first work as a maintenance technician and then gradually evolve into more management and less manual work.

I had a recent interview in a big box that offered me to do my work-study internship as the “right arm” of a site manager with the opportunity to later work for them and to occupy this position myself. .

It’s a position that is therefore not really related to maintenance even if there is a management aspect to it, but the job seems interesting to me and I tell myself that it can be even better than maintenance management even if it’s a lot less “cool”.

The problem is that site foreman is a job that I don’t really know. I know that many get this position at the end of their career after starting as a worker and that is a bit of the limit they can reach.
On the other hand, I don’t know anything about the salary and the potential benefits associated with this position (group insurance, company car, etc.).

I know that money isn’t everything, but it’s still important and I’m afraid of missing something by moving away from maintenance management towards the job of site manager.

There, sorry for the pavement, I hope I was clear enough and that some of you can help me. :D