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Cara Delevingne photographed driving her car in a daze

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Supermodel Cara Delevingne is not doing well. The young British model who has just celebrated her 30th birthday in Italy is causing many concerns. She was photographed in West Hollywood driving her car smoking, frantically rubbing her face and taking drops of an unknown liquid, before buying sex toys from an X-rated shop.

Cara Delevingne is known for her eccentric style and demeanor, but the frequency of her appearances in bad shape raises questions.

In May, Cara made headlines and was mocked online for her bizarre conduct at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Videos of the model went viral after she was photographed harassing Megan Thee Stallion and fidgeting on her dress train as the rapper posed for photos on the red carpet.

A super playful Cara even started tossing the singer’s train in the air in an apparent attempt to help Megan Thee Stallion get a more dramatic shot.

All the appearances of the British actress and model are scrutinized by the Daily Mail.

A few months earlier, Cara went wild on the dance floor at the Bilt Rewards x Wells Fargo private launch party in New York City.

She was spotted grabbing a bottle of Prosecco as she danced exuberantly and hung out with New York Mayor Eric Adams and A$AP Rocky, among others.