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Car dealership releases €25,000 to help staff pay energy bills (video)

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Gaëtan Gossieaux, the manager of the International Garage, took action by providing his staff with an envelope of €25,000. Beneficial financial support intended to cushion the shock by allowing employees who encounter difficulties to cover part of their costs (gas, electricity or fuel oil).

A refund of the money lent, after the winter period

It is not a bonus or a raise. We can consider that it is a kind of salary advanceexplains the manager of the Jaguar – Land Rover garage, located along the Chaussée de Ronse.

This aid, put in place a little over a week ago, is based on the principle of mutual trust. If employees need money to support energy price increases, they can come to us individually and completely anonymously. Once the winter is over, they will reimburse the amounts granted thanks to our treasury.

Gaëtan Gossieaux, the manager of the Jaguar-Land Rover dealership in Rumillies. ©EdA

A discussion between members of the staff of the Tournai concession had the effect of an electric shock for Gaëtan Gossieaux, who is very attentive to their well-being. Maintaining the professional motivation of his entire team is an essential factor in his eyes.

“Come to work with peace of mind”

I was challenged by the situation mentioned by an employee who, until the end of the year, will have to pay €1,350 per month for gas and electricity. As an employer, it is our moral responsibility to ensure that everyone comes to work with peace of mind, without stress. I realized that there was a way to do something. Today, it is clear that a good part of professional income goes into energy expenditure.

No solicitation has been issued to date, but the initiative has been very positively received by the company’s 27 employees. “It reassures people to know that there is a small financial cushion available in case of need. In terms of the procedures to be carried out (opening an account, acknowledgment of debts, etc.), discretion is guaranteed.

In return for this amount of €25,000 blocked to help its workers get through the winter, the Jaguar-Land Rover garage in Rumillies asked everyone to make efforts to reduce energy consumption within the buildings.

Energy savings: concerted measures with employees

Rather than imposing restrictions, management preferred to rely on a participatory approach by involving staff members. A brainstorming meeting allowed them to express proposals, which were quickly implemented internally.

  Heating: the temperature in the mechanical workshop has been lowered to 15 degrees.
Heating: the temperature in the mechanical workshop has been lowered to 15 degrees. ©EdA

Wherever possible, outlets have been installed with timers to prevent appliances fromsuch as the coffee machine, remain on permanently . We also removed a fridge and made the workshop workers aware of the importance of limiting door openings, which create drafts, as much as possible.“, emphasizes Gaëtan Gossieaux.

Still with the aim of reducing its energy dependence, the thermostats have been set to 15°C in the building housing the mechanics and to 18°C ​​in the offices.

The vehicle painting booth is a 40 m2 facility that consumes a lot of energy because drying requires heating to 60°C. Here too, care is taken to ensure the most rational use possible, with the aim of preventing heat loss.

If gas and electric bills haven’t skyrocketed by being kept low”still reasonable” (Editor’s note: + 20% increase for 2022), it is thanks, in particular, to an ambitious investment policy. In the recent past, the car dealership had more than 300 solar panels installed on part of its roofs.