Candidate for his succession as mayor in 2024

His role as mayor is overwhelming. But his motivation remains unwavering. And Caroline Taquin has no intention of throwing in the towel. She will be a candidate for her succession at the head of her commune in 2024. “Especially since the years 2022 and 2023 will see the realization of a whole series of files that we have initiated. This is the case with the new swimming pool, the future district of Trieu, currently subject to the validation of the European Feder Funds, the rehabilitation of the roads… It is a huge satisfaction to see what we are is beaten…”.

Long gone are the days when she began her political career, picking up waste in the Courcelloise entity. “With the young MRs, we wanted a minimum of well-being to be offered to the citizens”, recalls the one who was then a teacher. Today, it draws its fuel from the repeated confidence of Courcellois. “I learned on the job. It has not always been obvious. But I love taking on challenges and overcoming difficulties. But if my work is recognized today, the merit also goes to the College around me: each alderman is an expert in his skills. We are also helped by a very professional administration at all levels”.

At the time of this first assessment, Caroline Taquin also remembers a warning from Véronique Cornet, who preceded her in the function of mayor, in Montigny-le-Tilleul. “She told me that political life was cruel. She did not exaggerate… The virulence of criticism, especially on social networks, is limitless. I’m not getting used to it, but I’ve toughened up, I’ve forged a solid shell. But I remain sensitive inside. And that’s important… It’s what allows me to have empathy on a daily basis, to share the suffering of others…”