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Can we refuse an increase in the installment of our energy bill?

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“600 euros each month instead of 150? No thanks.” Can we really refuse the new installment proposed, following the adjustment invoice? Yes it’s possible. “The energy supplier can only pass on the increase in installments if you do not object within 15 days of the notification”, says Benoit Gerkens, economic adviser at the CREG (Editor’s note: Commission for the regulation of electricity and du gaz), questioned by our colleagues from Le Vif. In other words, you are not obliged to comply with the request of your supplier.

Good news? Minute. Too low a down payment can obviously lead to a (very) hefty closing bill. If you have taken out a variable price contract, the CREG advises checking the level of your current deposit and adjusting it if necessary.

If you believe that your consumption will decrease in the future thanks in particular to a drop in the thermostat, insulation work or the installation of solar panels, you can report this to your supplier.

Do not hesitate to read your meters from time to time and to carry out a simulation on the supplier’s site, this allows you to better assess the amount to be paid monthly.