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Buy an item from Mistigri, Gathomme or Insurer in Fortnite, challenge week 1

Challenges are back in Fortnite, and one of them asks you to buy an item from Mistigri, Gathomme, or Belayer. We explain how to do it!

Every week in Fortnite, challenges are available for all players, allowing you to obtain XP. In season 4 of chapter 3, these challenges are obviously back, and it will already be possible to complete them! As in every season, some are quite easy to make, while others may require a little help.

This is the case of the challenge asking to “ buy an item from Mistigri, Gathomme or Assureur “. While the challenge is fairly simple and has been done in several of the previous seasons, the location of the NPCs is brand new, and they can be tricky to find if you don’t know where they are! We give you their locations below.

Where are Mistigri, Gathomme and Insurer in Fortnite for the challenge?

To succeed in this quest, you will have to find one of the three NPCs mentioned in the name of the challenge. They are all located in a different place on the map, and are not difficult to find since a pictogram appears on your mini-map when you approach one of them. Their location is quite close, they are all around Tilted Towers.

You can find their exact location on the map below:

Location of Belayer, Mistigri and Gâthomme in Fortnite

In order from top to bottom:

  • The Insurer
  • Mistigri
  • Gathomme

To succeed in the quest, all you have to do is interact with one of these NPCs, and buy an item from them in exchange for ingots. Once this is done, your challenge will then be validated!

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Published on 09/22/2022 at 14:00

By zilliz