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Brussels: an Italian restaurant will close its doors

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EOwing to the general increase in costs, the dining room of the Italian restaurant La Trinacria in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert will close its doors definitively on 7 November. “The financial profitability of our business is compromised and we do not want to impact the consumer forever,” explains boss Fabrizio Bongiorno to 7sur7.

For Fabrizio Bongiorno, inflation, the rise in the price of electricity and gas, the increase in the price of raw materials or the indexation of wages, are too many elements to take on financially.

“These increases affect us directly, but also concern our customers”, underlines the restaurateur with our colleagues from 7sur7. “Our establishment is a small neighborhood restaurant. Our clientele is mainly made up of people from the middle class, who are the most affected by this crisis, because they do not receive enough help. As a result, they go out less, go to restaurants less. And inevitably, with us, it is felt. »

It is for all these reasons that the restaurateur has decided to close the room of his restaurant from November 7th. “We will focus on take-out and delivery to reduce costs as much as possible,” he explains to 7sur7. “I do not plan to reopen the room again one day. This is already what we did several times during the covid and it did not help us. »