You are currently viewing Bright Memory Infinite review – This single-player FPS born from one person

Bright Memory Infinite review – This single-player FPS born from one person

Bright Memory still impresses as much in its Infinite version, especially when you know that this solo FPS is only developed by one person. Available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch consoles since July 21, Bright Memory Infinite is now presented as a complete game. Zoom on the proposal of the Chinese developer FYQD-Studio.

As the game begins under the fireworks of the Chinese New Year, the story takes us to discover several facets of the Asian empire. From buildings to enemies to environments directly inspired by certain provinces, Bright Memory Infinite offers us a journey to both contemporary and past Asia. Nothing surprising in that, when we know the origin of the developer. Taking advantage of the visual qualities of the title, the journey is truly exotic. For the rest, the story is as classic as it is famished, with the corollary of not answering some of the questions of the players such as the origin of these medieval warriors appearing here and there during the adventure, amputated of these explanations and real interesting content; its purpose seems to be only to serve as a pretext for the explosive gameplay of the title.

Captured on Xbox Series X

And it is the latter that impresses. By building itself as a linear single player FPS leaving little room for exploration, the title delivers hyper dynamic fights whose sequence depends on your personal preferences.. Indeed, if your heroine is an expert in firearms and can count on several models at her disposal to vary the pleasures, she also has a saber allowing her to dismember the many enemies as she pleases. But beyond traditional weapons, Sheila also masters certain powers that we guess are technological. Thanks to her “exo-arm”, she can send belligerents flying through the air, use a tractor beam, even accumulate energy in order to ignite opponents. Her blade is not to be outdone and Sheila can also endow her with slightly less conventional abilities allowing her to slice her enemies from a distance both in the air and on the ground or to create shock waves on the ground sending everything flying. the air.

WE love :

  • Hyper dynamic fights;
  • Impressive visual and technical quality;
  • An introduction to Chinese landscapes.

We love less :

  • Limited lifespan;
  • Starving and uninteresting story;
  • Absence of French voice.

Thus, the whole of the arsenal at our disposal makes it possible to apprehend the combats under various angles. And it’s all the more appreciable since brawls represent 90% of the game and are carried by a soundtrack of good quality. A short phase in the car and a quick infiltration session whose interest remains questionable completing the gameplay proposal.

Ultimately, it is unfortunate that the Bright Memory Infinite proposal, sold at a recommended price of €20, ends in barely 3 hours, as the dynamism of the gameplay and the technical qualities of the title seem to us to be beyond reproach. Some may nevertheless increase this duration by being tempted by a higher difficulty, 4 being available. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that the Curriculum Vitae of FYQD-Studio is acquiring an important line and we are curious to discover the future of this Chinese developer.