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‘Brazilian Hulk’ dies on his 55th birthday

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TikTok star, “Brazilian Hulk” died on his 55th birthday. On his account with more than 1.6 million subscribers, he notably shared videos where he was seen injecting himself with potentially deadly oil to develop his muscle mass.

Valdir Segato was modeled on the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger and those of fictional characters like the Hulk. Proud of being nicknamed “the monster” on the streets, he had resorted to injections of synthol for years, despite the risk of strokes and infections. The goal? Present ever more imposing biceps, pecs and back muscles.

Six years ago, he was warned that he risked amputation or, at the very least, nerve damage if he continued to use the injections to build muscle mass. But Segato, who used to work in construction, said he liked the attention he was getting, and wanted to get even more muscular.

He regularly exhibited his body on social media, especially on Instagram where he was baptized “Valdir Synthol”. According to local media in Sao Paulo, he was quite isolated, surrounded by few friends. A striking contrast to the huge community that followed his publications.

Died on his birthday

“It was around 6 a.m…. He knocked on my mother’s window several times. She woke up and he started ‘Help me, help me cause I’m dying’”, reports Moisés, a neighbor, remarks relayed by the Brazilian newspaper Globo.

He was quickly transferred to a city hospital, but could not be saved. “I think he succumbed to a heart attack,” he continues.

Moisés’ brother, Jadson da Conceição, told Globo it was not the first time Segato had to be rushed to hospital and that he “had complained of shortness of breath in the past .”


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