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Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE is only ‘a matter of time’

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More than ever, Bray Wyatt could return to WWE. The federation is keen to keep the “White Rabbit” teaser a secret, even from many insiders who don’t know about it.

Fightful has sought to learn more about the matter and the US site has contacted several sources inside WWE for answers. First of all, no talent or staff member who has been contacted has been informed of the project related to the White Rabbit references. However, the reaction is unanimous: it is related to Bray Wyatt.

The urge to bring Bray Wyatt back to WWE has increased under the new regime, according to officials. At this time, Fightful cannot confirm that he is indeed back in WWE, but several people internally expect it and even say that “it’s a matter of time.”

Some people involved in the production do not know what these teasers correspond to when they are generally made aware of this kind of thing.

As you will have understood, everything surrounding the White Rabbit-related teasings is kept very confidential. Finally, some fans think it might be Karrion Kross, but a longtime WWE employee thinks it would be a “disappointing” Kross reintroduction. He doesn’t think that the current WWE would do all that for someone who made their comeback less than two months ago.

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