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Bray Wyatt gives a date after Extreme Rules

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Bray Wyatt made his return to Extreme Rules 2022 last Saturday and a lot of fans were expecting to see him back on RAW, but he didn’t appear on the red show, unfortunately.

Indeed, during the October 10 edition of RAW, a replay of Bray Wyatt’s return to Extreme Rules was shown. But then, when will Bray Wyatt’s next appearance take place, to finally find out more?

A new QR code was introduced during a backstage segment. It leads to an animated video with the image you can see at the top of the article. An image on which we see the famous butterfly-logo of Bray Wyatt. If you look closely, it is possible to notice the letters J, N and V in the background. If we compare the letters to the order of the alphabet, the result gives 10/14/22. Which gives in English the date of October 14, 2022 on which a SmackDown will take place.

In addition, a short video was released where Bray Wyatt explains that he lived in a brain prison, the only place where he could be truly free. He adds :

”Revel in what you are”

We will therefore have to wait for the next edition of WWE SmackDown to find out more about the future of Bray Wyatt.

Photo credit: WWE