Branch acquires Nova Launcher: what will become of the most popular launcher?

EconomyWe haven’t had time yet to discover the news of the latest beta of Nova Launcher 8.0, probably the most popular third-party launcher available on the market, which arrives a novelty capable of leaving its mark in the Android world: l application (together a Sesame Search) has just been purchased by Branch. To give news is the same Kevin Barry , creator of Nova Launcher , with a post on the official website in which he explains the reasons for this sale and what will change for users. But what is Branch, and why did he buy Nova Launcher? Branch is a company better known to developers than users because it provides tools to manage and measure deep links in apps – those links we click on in email or social media and open in apps. . Kevin Barry explains why this deal was made. In 2018, he was working with his team on integrating Nova and Sesame Search (an internal search engine for contacts and more) and was at Google I/O when he met Branch CEO Alex Austin.

From what follows what and Austin makes a purchase offer. Barry explains that over the years he has turned down several offers, but Branch seemed like the right company, successful, not too big, and with the right reasons. It also gave Barry and his team control of development, including Sesame. Indeed, Branch not only bought Nova and Sesame, but also cast him and his team in key roles. But why did Branch want Nova? Barry explains that the company is interested in four points:

– To research
– development
– skill
– feedback

In practice, Branch wants to develop search and navigation functions, and Nova Launcher is an excellent test bed for them, a stable platform on which to test their solutions. Barry assures that the relationship with the community and the monetization model will not change, so no ads, in-app purchases or anything else. So what will change? Barry assures everyone that nothing will change, not even from a privacy perspective, but the fact that Nova Launcher has become a development platform will allow it to release small changes more frequently, as well as extend the functions of Sesame Search to the whole device, which it will obtain thanks to Branch. Barry concludes his speech with a point on the new functionalities of Sesame Search in the search for contacts and which will be released soon on the beta of Nova 8.0.2.