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Brahim Bouhlel talks about his time in prison in Morocco

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“Emotionally, are you okay? asks an acolyte about his incarceration. “I want to cry, but I can’t. “Before the friends were all there, once you’re in there’s nobody.” When I tell it to you, you’re not surprised, but once you live it, it’s not the same. You learn to know yourself”, says Brahim Bouhlel without however wanting to dwell on the subject. His incarceration in Morocco marked him deeply. “It was very, very hard for him at times. In prison, he hung on each time to the next deadline to hold on. Since he came back, he hasn’t shown anything”, confided to the Parisian one of the Franco-Algerian’s relatives.

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Brahim’s legal troubles began after the filming of the film “Freeman” in which he plays the role of Medhi. He had made a “bad joke” about Moroccan women and children. It all started with a controversial video shot in a restaurant in Marrakech, where the star of Validé, the Franco-Algerian actor Hedi Bouchenafa and the Franco-Moroccan snapchatter Zbarbooking were in the company of three Moroccan minors. The video that went viral on social media sparked an outcry. The respondents had apologized explaining that it is a “parody” video.

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Placed in pre-trial detention the next day, Brahim Bouhlel and influencer Sammy Tami were sentenced on April 21, 2021 to eight months and one year in prison respectively. This decision will be confirmed on appeal on May 31. Hedi Bouchenafa, had in the meantime left Moroccan territory before the opening of the investigation. Brahim Bouhlel’s appeals and requests for a royal pardon had proved unsuccessful. The 26-year-old actor had resigned himself to serving his sentence.