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Bobby Lashey is very happy with the current RAW roster

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Bobby Lashley became one of the faces of Raw as United States Champion. Triple H and WWE put more emphasis on the US title. Lashley has challenged his title against a variety of opponents including The Miz, AJ Styles, Mustafa Ali and most recently Seth Rollins who won the title.

Speaking on ‘Busted Open Radio’ ahead of the October 10 RAW, Lashley was asked about his positioning as one of RAW’s top wrestlers despite not being the world champion.

He declares :

“I love the roster right now and that’s what got me excited about winning the United States title. I faced Ali, he’s a guy who’s been a bit overlooked but he’s phenomenal. He’s a great fighter, a great prospect in the business, and he’s hungry. Every day when I arrive, he has different ideas. There’s Riddle, he’s on fire right now. Seth Rollins is Seth “Freakin” Rollins, he’s brilliant in every way. Some of my closest friends, even my favorites, the Hurt Business: MVP is with Omos, Shelton Benjamin is still there doing his thing and Cedric is also still there. I would like to bring this group together at some point. There are so many very talented people on Raw: Chad Gable and Otis, Edge, Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik Mysterio. We’re all the face of the red show…I’m one of those faces because I’m the champ but there’s so many people you could say are also the face of Raw it depends how which you see it. »

Sadly after this interview, Lashey lost his title to Seth Rollins after an attack from Brock Lesnar. Maybe a future rivalry against Brock and Bobby.

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