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BMW has a secret battery project to make its electric cars the same price as thermal ones

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News hardware BMW has a secret battery project to make its electric cars the same price as thermal ones

Electric cars have many advantages over thermal models. However, one drawback still persists: the price. BMW has the solution and has just unveiled its secret cheaper battery project.

The cheaper, denser, more efficient and eco-friendly battery from BMW!

In a
Press release

, BMW announces its long-standing revolutionary battery project. The benefits are numerous and absolutely every aspect of the energy modules has been upgraded.

“The BMW Group is convinced that powerful, innovative and sustainably produced battery cells will be the key to the success of individual electromobility in the future.” This is how to start the challenge launched by the German automotive group.

The evolution of its new batteries should be spectacular. As with Tesla modules, BMW is announcing a density up 20%. The speed of load will be increased by 30%resulting in a better optimized battery that boost autonomy by 30%. The icing on the cake, the manufacturer promises that the production of these batteries will consume 60% less energy.

A revolutionary battery project built over time

BMW now plans to build factories with a production capacity of 20 GWh around the world. BMW purchasing manager Joachim Post plans an establishment of two factories in Europe, two in China and two on the North American continent.

The partners with whom the German manufacturer works will have to use recycled raw materials for the main components. The production apparatus will also have to run on green energies. The German group has already invested in contracts worth 2 billion euros to start cell production.

All these innovations lead to energy savings, but also to reduced production costs. “The BMW Group has set itself the goal of reducing manufacturing costs for fully electric models to the same level as vehicles with state-of-the-art combustion engine technology.”

This new battery named “NEUE KLASSE”, meaning “new class” in German. This is a reference to the models of BMW developed during the 60s. The new cells should be presented in a demonstration vehicle of the group during the year 2025. Initially, it will be a prototype, but the goal is that by 2030, the BMW car fleet will be equipped with 50% of batteries. In the other brands of the German group, Mini will only have electric cars in 2030 and Rolls will follow suit the same year.

Cleaner production of electrical solutions

BMW’s commitment is to green its electrical equipment production apparatus. It goes through factories powered by renewable energy and better management of polluting raw materials. The rare earths will thus be partly derived from recycling and not from mining.

The objective is to produce fully recyclable battery cells. This commitment is concrete and is already reflected in full-scale tests: “In China, BMW is creating a closed loop for the reuse of nickel, lithium and cobalt raw materials from high-voltage batteries, thus laying the foundation stone for a revolutionary materials cycle.”

BMW therefore seems to have found the magic recipe for make a perfect battery that will make electric cars much more financially attractive. When electric vehicles manage to reach the normal price of combustion cars, we will truly be in the future.