You are currently viewing Blizzard provides several clarifications regarding how professions work in Dragonflight

Blizzard provides several clarifications regarding how professions work in Dragonflight

During the evening, Drough made several clarifications concerning the functioning of trades in Dragonflight due to concerns from some players. This one comes back in particular on the system of ranks of the objects that you will manufacture in a few weeks.

Blizzard is currently adjusting some item levels during Closed Beta. Ultimately, the item level of epic gear from professions will not change compared to other pieces of gear.

Currently, the goal is for gear from quality 4 professions to be equivalent to early Mythic raid bosses, with quality 5 being 3 item level points above.

These new item levels will be visible in the next build. Blizzard continues to evaluate the role of profession gear in the overall ecosystem, but wants it to be an important part of your progression.

Clarifications concerning the Orders system

Only the customer can provide:

  • Primordial Chaos.
  • Primal Focus or Concentrated Primal Focus (the optional component that increases the item level of epic gear).

The customer or the manufacturer can provide:

  • Any unrelated or optional component.

In general, if an element is linked, it must be provided by the client.

There is, however, an exception that the developers are not yet certain of.

  • Currently, the customer or the manufacturer can provide the Artisan’s Mettle (required for remanufacturing). This is also needed for some high-level consumables useful for professions and high-level profession equipment.

If components are linked, the developers want players who obtain this equipment to make an effort, otherwise they would not be linked and would be purchasable at the Auction House for gold.

The Artisan’s Mettle is an exception, as a special component obtainable from the profession ecosystem and only useful to those using one, or placing Work Orders. Preventing this from being tradable means that each crafter/gatherer needs to earn their own, but allowing these to be brought by each player during an Order means that if you’re not participating in trades directly, you can still request its services to a manufacturer.