You are currently viewing Blizzard previews Dragonflight’s eight dungeons

Blizzard previews Dragonflight’s eight dungeons

In an article published just now, Blizzard gives an overview of the dungeons of Dragonflight. What challenges will you encounter in the Dragon Islands in a few months? Answer below!

Take on new challenges and go on an adventure on the Dragon Islands with four new dungeons that will allow you to gain experience, and four dungeons of maximum level. Danger and mysteries await you…and maybe even some loot! Here is an overview of each dungeon.

Leveling Dungeons:

  • Pools of Ruby Essence
  • Hollow Fougerobes
  • Nokhud Offensive
  • Uldaman: Tyr’s Legacy

Max level dungeons:

  • Neltharus
  • The Azure Vault
  • The Halls of Impregnation
  • Algeth’ar Academy (French translation to come)

Development is still ongoing and some elements may change over time.

Zone: Shores of Awakening

Pools of Ruby Essence

  • Melidrussa Chillworn Melidrussa has been assigned to lead the Flashfrost infusion efforts at the Ruby Essence Pools. Thanks to her exceptional mastery of elemental frost, she ensures that the draconians are protected from the influence of the titans.
  • Kokia Blazehoof As the defenders of the Ruby Essence Pools are overwhelmed by Primalist forces, Kokia and her fire-bound lieutenants attempt to steal the eggs, ransacking and burning everything in their path.
  • Kyrak and Erkhart Stormvein (French translation to come)


Beneath the Obsidian Citadel lies Neltharus, home to the treasures and secrets of the Black Dragonflight. When the Djaradins awoke, they launched their initial assault on Neltharus, but, surprised to find no one there, they took possession of the places and the secrets they held… before invading the rest of the Obsidian Citadel. .

  • Chargath, Bane of Scales (English translation to come): This seasoned dragon hunter received his prestigious title in time immemorial. At the head of the Qalashi hunters, he prepares his next attack with the undisguised hope of being able to show off his talents.
  • Forgemaster Gorek (English translation to come): One of the most renowned blacksmiths among the Djaradins, Gorek has taken up residence in the chamber of black dragons, where the sweltering heat of the imposing forge allows him to create deadly weapons.
  • Magmatusk (English translation to come): After plundering Neltharus, the Djaradins had no qualms about making use of their discoveries and Neltharion’s secrets. A misused experimental potion gave birth to Magmatusk, a creature as colossal as it is destructive.
  • Warlord Sargha (English translation to come): At the head of the Qalash Djaradins, Sargha employs all the means necessary to increase the power of his clan in its fierce fight against the dragons. In the treasures buried in the heart of Neltharus, she seems to have made a momentous discovery.

Area: the Azur bay

Hollow Fougerobes

The Creux des Fougerobes is the most important lair of gnolls in the Dragon Islands, and one of the most dangerous places there is. From its depths decay spreads, affecting all Gnoll tribes of the Azure Span, and threatening all life. In the depths of the Hollow, the leader of the Fougerobes enthusiastically teaches the extent of her knowledge to her fellow infected.

  • Hackclaw’s War-Band (French translation to come): Rira Hackclaw, Gashtooth and Tricktotem (French translation to come) form a group as brutal as they are deadly within the Fougerobes. Their cruel methods dissuade the Roharts from traveling alone, and Wratheye (French translation to come) has entrusted them with guarding the entrance to the Hollow.
  • Treemouth (English translation to come): Once a noble treant, Treemouth is now blighted by decay. The rot has spread both in its branches and in its spirit. All that’s left of Treemouth is a miserable creature looking only to feed and spread its decay.
  • Gutshot (French translation to come): An expert marksman, hunter and tracker, the cunning Gutshot has been assigned hunter training by the Decatriarch himself. Those who dare to venture into the depths of the Hollow will become their prey.
  • Decatriarch Wratheye (English translation to come): Power-hungry Wratheye proclaimed herself Decatriarch when she learned to master decay. She spreads her dark magic among her people, aiming to strengthen the Fougerobes, and infect the Roharts and the entire Azur span.

The Azure Vault

Long ago, Malygos created the Azure Vault, so that Sindragosa could catalog and store all his magical artifacts. Abandoned a long time ago, the vault has deteriorated considerably, and it is now vulnerable to attacks from the outside… as well as from the inside.

  • Leymor (French translation to come): Leymor was only a seed when Malygos found him. Once a sprout in Sindragosa’s garden, Leymor has been able to grow for millennia and now spreads through the vault. He could well take complete control of it if nothing and no one intervened.
  • Azureblade (French translation to come): Dedicated to defending the vault, Azureblade refused to leave when it was sealed. Not seeing her fellow Blue Dragonflight return, she gradually descended into madness. She now covets what she has sworn to protect, and uses the magic within the vault to prolong her existence.
  • Telash Greywing (English translation to come): Telash has dedicated his life to uncovering the secrets hidden by Sindragosa in the Azure Vault. With the help of the Sundered Flame, he thinks he can uncover the origins of the Dracthyrs…and overwhelming evidence against the Blue Dragonflight, which he loathes.
  • Umbrelskul (English translation to come): Corrupted long ago by arcane energies beyond his control, Umbrelskul was put into stasis and locked away in the Azure Vault while waiting for a cure to be found for his crystalline growths. point. But the vault was sealed and abandoned before the search was successful…

Zone: Plains of Ohn’ahra

Nokhud Offensive

When the Nokhud clan captured the spirit of the eagle Ohn’ahra, a civil war broke out. Attacked from all sides, the other Marruk clans must unite to launch the final assault against Balakar, the khan of the Nokhuds.

  • Granyth (English translation to come): The shadow of Granyth is a harbinger of death and destruction on the plains of Ohn’ahra. As the centaur clans wage an all-out war on the plains, Granyth prepares to destroy her ancient enemies once and for all.
  • The Raging Tempest (French translation to come): The violent gusts of the plains of Ohn’ahra have converged to become the avatar of the storm which is now devastating the plains. Its growing power now threatens the entirety of the Dragon Islands.
  • Teera and Marruk : (more info to come)
  • Balakar Khan (English translation to come): The Khan Balakar rules the Nokhud clan with a hand of steel. He intends to usurp the powers of the spirit of the eagle Ohn’ahra, which he holds captive.

Eastern Kingdoms Zone: Badlands

Uldaman: Tyr’s Legacy (in development)

  • The lost dwarves
  • Bromach (French translation to come)
  • Sentinel Talondras (French translation to come)
  • Emberon (French translation to come)
  • Chrono-Lord Deios (French translation to come)

Zone: Thaldraszus

The Halls of Impregnation

  • Watcher Irideus (English translation to come): Tyr entrusted the defense of the Halls of Imprinting to Irideus, who had to wait centuries before being solicited. But the first intruders who challenged him got the better of him, an affront that Irideus will not let happen again.
  • Gulping Goliath (French translation to come): this colossus prowls in the natural galleries which connect the rooms of Impregnation. In his subterranean lair, he gave birth to generations of offspring equally adept at devouring anyone who strayed into these caverns.
  • Khajin the Unyielding (French translation to come): his anger towards the titans pushed Khajin to perfect his mastery of the elements. Now determined to undo their creation, she now attacks the Halls of Imbuement.
  • Primal Tsunami (French translation to come)

Algeth’ar Academy (French translation to come) (in development)

  • Vexamus (French translation to come)
  • Accidental Amalgamation
  • Crawth (French translation to come)
  • Echo of Headteacher Doragosa (French translation to come)

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