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Blizzard presents the novelties coming this week

Several new features are arriving this week on Diablo Immortal. On the program, Season 3 of the Battle Pass, the Invasion of the Wrathful, the Hungry Moon event as well as two other improvements. Find all the details below.

Welcome back.

We were looking forward to unveiling these new content updates in Diablo Immortal. Server maintenance will begin on August 3 at 2 a.m. and will end at 4 a.m. (Paris time) regarding servers from Oceania, China, East Asia and Southeast Asia. The maintenance of the Americas and Europe servers will take place on August 3, 10 a.m. to noon (Paris time). Once the now is complete, all the items mentioned below will be available online on various dates given to you right here.

Before telling you about all the surprises that the Underworld has in store for you, we wanted to mention the cadence of the updates to come. At the moment, we are planning to bring you new content in Diablo Immortal every two weeks, via a mini update or a major update.

With the mini updatesnew battle pass seasons, in-game events, feature updates, and more are on your way.

The major updates These include new gameplay features, free storyline expansions, in-game events, and more.

It is important to mention that not all of the contents discussed above are exclusive to one content update, whether mini or major, and sometimes these may be released as soon as they are newsworthy. be. We will continue to communicate bug fixes and quality of life improvements as frequently as possible via our all-platform blog and our PC-specific blog. We wanted to address this topic transparently so that you can have more information regarding the pace of post-launch content releases.

Now is the time to become an Aspect of Justice with the Season 3 Battle Pass, fend off hordes of ravenous demons in the Invasion of the Wrathful daily event, and experience the first improvements to the warband!

Season 3 Battle Pass: Aspect of Justice

Maintaining some semblance of justice in Sanctuary, a land of darkness, is a task that seems insurmountable. Follow the Archangel Tyrael, go in search of justice to protect yourself from the wrath of Hell. A new battle pass allowing you to embody an Aspect of Justice is available, and the season 3 will start on August 4 at 3 a.m. (server time). The Aspect of Justice Battle Pass contains 40 levels of challenges and rewardssuch as legendary gems, emblems, guards and much more.

For adventurers looking for additional treasures, we offer two paid versions of the Battle Pass for the duration of the season: the Enhanced Battle Pass and the Enhanced Battle Pass Collector’s Edition.

Empowered Battle Pass: Includes all of the rewards from the Free Battle Pass, but also unlocks an Empowered row that provides additional rewards at each level. Additionally, you will receive the fearsome Aspect of Justice weapon skin available at level 1 as well as the thorn-adorned Aspect of Justice armor skin unlocked at level 40.

Enhanced Battle Pass Collector’s Edition: Gives you access to all of the rewards of the Enhanced Battle Pass. Additionally, immediately after upgrading, you will receive the Aspect of Justice avatar frame, a portal, and a 10-level bonus.

The Season 3 Battle Pass is available until September 1 at 2:59 a.m. (server time). So start slaying the demons and climbing the ranks today!

Daily Event “Invasion of the Wrathful”

A sinister and vile invasion from the Underworld is underway. The Wrathful and their armies have besieged Sanctuary. To noon (server time) every day, the bravest adventurers can band together to repel the bloodthirsty hordes of elite demons. If the Underworld minions fail to take the attacked area, Gorgothra will attempt to finish the job by sending an overpowering echo of itself to eliminate its opponents.

Show your strength against the Wrathful by fending off their attacks and get gear as a reward. The three people who have inflicted the most damage will receive six enchanted dust to celebrate their victory. The Wrathful Invasion can only be completed once per day, and more Wrathful will seek to launch invasions on their side after being discovered by Rayek’s Infernal Reliquary.

Limited Time Event “Hungry Moon”

The moon is back and it demands more blood…maybe even yours! Gaze upon the moon, bathe in its sacred glow, feed on its howl, and moon blessings will be bestowed upon you. By meeting the requirements of the moon, you will earn moon shardswhich can be exchanged for blessings. To earn the Moon’s Benevolence, collect 7 Blessings that you can redeem for a random reward such as: Enchanted Dust, Sparkling Fragments, and Legendary Gear. Give the moon enough blessings and she’ll even grant you her boons: a Legendary Emblem Pack and more.

We invite the brave adventurers and adventurers to lend us a hand to satisfy the appetite of the moon, August 12 03:00 to August 15 03:00 (server time).

Here you will find the latest set of fixes for Diablo Immortal for all supported platforms. For bug fixes and patch notes specific to the PC version, see our Known Issues article.

Thank you for watching over Sanctuary!
– The Diablo Immortal team

Updated features

Improved War Troops

  • You can now see if your Warband members are online and view their in-game activity in real time via the Warband menu.

Developer Comment: Some comments mentioned the difficulty of organizing activities with their war troop. This improvement will simplify the organization of parties so that the war troops allow you to have a good time in game with your loved ones. This is just the first step in a long series of improvements that will be made to War Troops.

Exclusion by vote

  • The ability to kick a group or raid group member by vote, if the member is inactive, continuously rejecting the queue, or participating in other in-game activities has been added. This option is only present when the game detects that a member of your party or raid group is behaving in any of the ways mentioned above. To exclude a member, the vote must be unanimous.

Developer Comment: Similar to the improvement made to the warband system, voting exclusion has been added to simplify the group play experience. We have noticed that when one person holds their group back in some way, the other members leave the group and have to start all over again. Exclusion by vote will allow groups to exclude members who delay the game process by making this decision collectively. The groups thus benefit from a capacity for action to help them play as they see fit.