You are currently viewing Black Shark presents the FunCooler 3 Pro, capable of reducing the temperature of a gaming phone by up to 30 degrees Celsius.  – Benin News

Black Shark presents the FunCooler 3 Pro, capable of reducing the temperature of a gaming phone by up to 30 degrees Celsius. – Benin News

PARIS, Sept. 1 (Benin News / EP) –

The technology company black shark presented the Fun Cooler 3 Proa cooler for mobile phones intended for gaming, capable of reducing the temperature of its touch surface by up to 30 degrees Celsius.

The gaming device manufacturer made the announcement at IFA 2022, which kicks off on Friday, September 2 in Berlin, Germany.

The FunCooler 3 Pro uses a cooling chip TEC The new TEC TEC Cooling Unit is a custom cooling unit that operates on an area of ​​1404 millimeters (mm) and has increased its cooling capacity by 72% over previous versions. Thanks to that, can reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees.

Its 20W output power is almost three times that of the previous model, the Funcooler 2 Pro. In addition, its cooling plate is made of high thermal conductivity copper, which promises to conduct cold more smoothly and cool the smartphone quickly. Indeed, once detached from the device, the company points out that its temperature can be reduced to zero degrees in 45 seconds.

The surface of the heat sink has been multiplied by almost 2.27 compared to the previous generation.. Overall, the FunCooler 3 Pro retains the same heatsink as the FunCooler 2 Pro, which accelerates heat dispersion and improves the dissipation rate. However, the heat conductive silicone pad material has been optimized for better thermal conductivity.


In terms of design, the FunCooler 3 Pro features a futuristic-inspired two-tone structure. On the one hand, the purple switch offers a new interaction experience that approaches the aesthetics of “gaming”.

The metallic part of the logo is created by a double exposure process with anodizing, which makes shiny and dark surfaces more striking. In addition, the outer part is designed with a Kevlar pattern, and the RGB light belt extends over the entire surface of the case to create light effects. and therefore a more immersive gaming environment for users.

The Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro adopts an ergonomic design for the clamps, which avoids contact with the side buttons of the smartphone, and offers greater compatibility with mobile devices from 67 to 88 mm wide. It also features a new air duct design, which circulates heat vertically, providing a comfortable grip without letting heat reach your hands during play.


Through the app Shark ArsenalThe FunCooler 3 Pro can be controlled by the user and RGB lighting effects, cooling modes and a scheduled shutdown can be configured.

In the light settings you can select different light effects and set the color scheme, change the speed of the lights or turn them off.. Also choose between two different cooling modes, manual mode or smart mode.

Manual mode allows you to adjust the cooling temperature between the following points 18 degrees Celsius (ºC) and 30ºC, while the mode can automatically adjust the cooling performance in real time, providing cooling more closely matched to the needs of the device.

When the temperature is too high (over 60 degrees) or too low (less than 5 degrees below zero), the FunCooler 3 Pro will stop automatically to prevent the fan from jamming to prevent clogging of the air duct and possible malfunctions.