You are currently viewing Big controversy on the set of “TPMP”: Gilles Verdez shocks the fans: “Terrorists are not monsters”

Big controversy on the set of “TPMP”: Gilles Verdez shocks the fans: “Terrorists are not monsters”

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The columnists of
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have never had their tongue in their pocket. Gilles Verdez, present since the start of the show, presented by Cyril Hanouna, is no exception to the rule. The journalist does not hesitate to give his opinion on many subjects, even if it means shocking his colleagues and viewers.

Thursday, September 29, on the set of “TPMP”, Cyril Hanouna left a debate around the words of Daniel Riolo, who declared that prisoners, especially terrorists and rapists, were “sub-citizens. “Around the table, opinions were very divided, with on one side Géraldine Maillot (the companion of Daniel Riolo), Delphine Wespiser and Guillaume Genton, and on the other, in particular Gilles Verdez. ” They are not monsters “, he assured. “
But it’s a real debate. They were condemned, that’s it. But when I am told that they are monsters, the human being is not a monster. There is no human being for me who is a monster.

Gilles, you’re completely unblocking, it’s not possible “, replied Cyril Hanouna. ” I don’t know what to say when I hear Gilles’ words adds Geraldine Maillet. ” You can’t, on a TV set in front of 2 million people, say that a terrorist isn’t an under-citizen! Apologize for all the victims, it’s not possible what you say », says Matthieu Delormeau indignantly.

Gilles Verdez then explained: They were judged, they were condemned. (…) I’m for them never getting out of prison, if that’s what you want to hear. (…) There are no human beings, for me, who are monsters. Monster is to deny the state of being human. “But the damage was done, despite his explanations, his statements shocked all the columnists and viewers. ” You don’t have to be like them, that’s what I’m saying. (…) I am a legalist, so for me the human beings who commit the worst atrocities remain human beings, that’s it. So that’s why I’m against the death penalty “, he concluded.

On Twitter, Internet users also expressed their surprise. Many of them do not understand the columnist’s statement and ask for his dismissal from the show.

The next day, Friday September 30, the father of a Bataclan victim, Patrick Jardin, was a guest on the show. The debate between this man and Gilles Verdez was tense. Patrick Jardin’s comments shocked columnists enormously, when he said he supported terrorists in Christchurch, New Zealand. ” He’s a monster, but I supported him, because you shouldn’t do to others, what you don’t want to do to yourself. “, he says. ” We machine-gunned 131 people, and over there, there were only 49.”

Cyril Hanouna immediately cut off the debater, reminding him that the number of victims did not excuse anything. ” We understand your pain, but you can’t say that. There are not two terrorisms.
(…) Today, the Muslim community suffers enormously from this kind of sentence. »

Patrick Jardin continued his momentum, saying that in prisons and suburbs, people applauded the attacks. Once again, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists wanted to explain to this man that his words were shocking and dangerous. ” You don’t realize the harm you are doing with these words “, adds Cyril Hanouna. ” You can hate terrorists, but not Muslims concluded Gilles Verdez.