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Beware of the scam, this online store does not exist: “Orders often exceed 500 euros”

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For several months, many consumers have been fooled. The good weather is here and many feel the urge to develop their terrace or outside. Thus, a gardening site that wants to be Belgian displays prices that beat all the competition. Garden furniture, mowers, pellets… the choice of items is varied. Problem, this site is nothing more than a scam. The products do not exist and the customers will never receive their order. Indeed, our colleagues from RTL Info conducted the investigation after Sudinfo exposed the deception.

On the site in question, called “Izi jardin”, an address is provided, that of the Grands Prés shopping center in Mons, with the sentence: ” We are here to help you “Obviously, there is no trace of the store on site. According to Medhi, one of the site’s security officers interviewed by our colleagues, nearly 100 customers have already come forward. “They can only be annoyed. We give addresses when it comes to scams. This store does not exist in the gallery”.

In fact, providing a Belgian address conveys the idea of ​​a serious store and encourages customers to trust. A usurpation of address, neither more nor less, against which the Grands Prés filed a complaint with the police. All the people who have been victims of this scam are also invited to come forward, especially since according to the statements of the manager of the shopping center, the amounts of the orders each time amount to several hundred euros. ” These are gardening products that automatically cost a hundred euros (…) these are often orders that exceed 500 euros”, has explained Thomas Cornil at RTL Info.

To avoid this kind of mishap, the authorities advise checking the opinions of other customers on the web and thinking about evaluating the trust score of the site in question.