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Belgium lost 27,000 millionaires in 2021

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Although wealth per household has increased worldwide by nearly 10% in 2021, Belgium has seen its number of millionaires in dollars fall, by 27,000 units, to 589,000 millionaires, according to an annual study (Global wealth report) carried out by Swiss credit.

World wealth grew last year by 9.8% to $463.6 trillion, or $87,489 per adult on average. Excluding currency effects (the report calculates in US dollars), global wealth would have increased by 12.7%, “the fastest annual growth on record,” according to the Credit Suisse report. This increase is notably due to the good performance of the stock markets last year and the appreciation of real estate.

Switzerland in the lead, Belgium 10th

Switzerland is the country with the highest average wealth per adult in the world, at $696,600. Belgium is in 10th place, but our country is one of the states with the steepest decline in wealth per adult, according to Credit Suisse, which attributes this to currency effects (the euro depreciated by against the dollar). Thus, the wealth per Belgian has decreased by almost 3%, to 381,110 dollars on average.

Distribution of wealth

Our country, on the other hand, has a good score in terms of wealth distribution. The median amount (which divides a population into two equal groups) of wealth there amounts to 267,890 dollars, which places Belgium second behind Australia (273,900 dollars).

62.5 million millionaires

Globally, there were 62.5 million people with wealth of at least $1 million last year, 5.2 million more than in 2020. The United States has the most (24 .5 million), far ahead of China (6.2 million). For 2022, Credit Suisse expects high inflation, rising interest rates and falling house prices to weigh on wealth.