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Belgians less seduced by the electric car than a year ago

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Mobia, the result of the association of Febiac (Federation of car manufacturers), Traxio (Federation of car professionals) and Renta (Federation of rental companies), has just published the results of its study on mobility carried out by Profacts. And the main conclusions are unequivocal: the road to electrification threatens to get more complicated.

It appears from the study that positive purchase intentions for an electric car have fallen from 51% in 2021 to 40% this year, and that logically, people not considering an electric car have gone from 49% to 60%!

In detail, it is the Walloon who is the least attracted by the electric car, since only 36% say they are completely or rather in favor of an electric car, compared to 45% of Flemings and 61% of Brussels residents.

Among the factors put forward by the refractories, it is still the purchase price that is most often cited, by 47% of them. Then come limited autonomy (27%) and the lack of charging infrastructure (26%, i.e. 6 points more than in 2021). Finally, the cost of electricity and its supply are cited by 14% of respondents, ie 4% more than last year.

On the other hand, the probable future buyers of an electric car do so out of ecological concern, but to a lesser extent than before. They are only 39% to make it the main argument, that is to say a drop of 16% in one year! 28% of them will do so out of obligation, to comply with future legislation, and 22% to save money on fuel.